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Resolved: Read More in 2009

Would the world be a better place if people read more books? I think it would. This year I challenge you to:

  • Read a book to learn more about another part of the world. Recently I enjoyed The Book Thief about a young girl’s experiences in World War II Germany.
  • Read a book on a non-fiction topic that you think is important. Read about the economy. The environment. Breaking health issues. Whatever you care about.
  • Read a historical novel. I’ve chosen Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth which is set in the Middle Ages.
  • Read a book of poetry and rediscover the beauty and power of words. My daughter gave me Leonard Cohen’s Book of Longing as a Christmas gift and I’m planning on savoring the poems and drawings.
  • Read a book that reminds you of all the good things there are in the world. Read a romance and remember that love is the greatest gift.

May we all be wiser and kinder people a year from now.

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