On The Road To A New Trilogy

Home from a whirlwind trip to San Francisco, including an intense drive up the coast to Oregon…my head is still spinning, but I’m happy. I’ve found the perfect setting for my new trilogy. I’m all set to start writing…provided my editors approve the new project!

To The Beach
To The Beach

The town I discovered was Gold Beach Oregon. The setting is wild and rugged, beautiful and mysterious. The community was built on logging and fishing, and the population triples in the summer thanks to tourism. According to the helpful woman at the visitor’s center, the best fishing to be had is on the Rogue River which cuts through the north end of town.

Of course I’m going to take a few artistic liberties with the town. Add a three-story Victorian next to the motels on the beach, invent a pub called the Linger Longer and a bookstore named Armchair Adventures…

Plus a new name. I’m thinking Twisted Cedars, in honor of the magnificant Redwoods that have reigned for so long in the Pacific North West.

This is truly the most fun, creative and exciting step in the long process of writing a book. And I’m enjoying every day of it!