Contest Winner Announced

Thanks to all the readers who participated in my Scavenger Hunt contest. It’s always fun to see responses from all across North America, and even, this time, from Australia. A random winner has been selected–check my contest page to see if it was you.

I had so much fun reading your responses. Most everyone identified the correct clue words “joy,” “mountain,” “little bundle” and “chocolate.” And about fifty percent unscrambled the words to reveal my Christmas wish for you: “Mountains of Joy and a Little Bundle of Chocolate.”

But what I hadn’t counted on when I set up the contest was that there was another, equally logical, way to unscramble the clue words. Imagine how I chuckled when I saw that some readers thought I was wishing them: “Mountains of Chocolate and a Little Bundle of Joy.”

Not that I’m going to argue about the mountains of chocolate part…