Five Reasons to Sign Up for CJ’s Newsletter

New book launch, working on my income taxes, moving my newsletter to a site with improved security–whew it’s been a busy week! I’m sure you’ve been just as busy, but I hope you’ve found time to subscribe to my newsletter. Whether you’re a familiar face, or a new reader, I’d love to have you on the list. And here are five reasons why you might want to be there:

  1. You’ll be the first to hear when I have a new book coming out.
  2. Contests! You’ll be reminded to enter–and you won’t want to miss my special Moving Day Contest this month.
  3. You won’t be inundated with e-mail. I send out 4-6 newsletters a year and respect your privacy.
  4. If you tell a friend, you’ll be entered in my Moving Day Contest twice. Tell three friends and you’re entered three time. And so on…
  5. Our new server will be even better with an enhanced anti-spam policy.

Why do I have contests and newsletters and a Facebook Page and a Twitter Account? Because this is the way I reach my readers. And you are the people I write my stories for. So thank you for reading. And thanks for staying connected