CJ Carmichael

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Category: Hiking With Friends

Larches are the New Gold

Welcome to Kananaskis Country (and you thought Banff was nice) Okay, it’s September, my favorite time to go hiking in the Rocky Mountains and if you look at the above picture you’ll know why. Deciduous trees usually steal the show at this time of year, but the larch tree–which grows naturally only at high alpine […]

Look At This!

As you know, from time to time I am diverted from the subject of books by my love of nature and hiking. Last weekend Mike and I escaped to the mountains and indulged in several amazing hikes. I did come home with one photo that I felt I must share. If you ever doubted that […]

Best Day Of Your Life

Everytime I go hiking with my brother, he promises me the “best day of my life!” Thanks to him and his wife, I have had many of these days now. The latest, and one of the greatest, was our recent hike to Caldron Lake (accessed off the highway that connects Lake Louise and Banff.) This […]

First Hike of 2009

It wasn’t how the weekend was supposed to go. Mike and I had been invited to friends’ ski chalet in Kimberly B.C. and we were almost two hours into the trip, when Presto! The car stopped working. We were traveling at 110 km an hour, so this was quite a disorienting feeling, to suddenly have […]

Star-Crossed Research

I live in Canada, so when I got the bright idea to set my next book in New England a research trip was in order. I set aside some time in October…who wouldn’t love a trip to New England in the autumn? I’m a big hiker, so of course my version of this trip included hitting several […]

Burstall Pass

Favorite Fall Activities: What do you look forward to doing once Labor Day has passed and the heat of summer is gone? I’ve always found September to be the best month for hiking in the Rocky Mountains around where I live. This fall I was lucky enough to do three spectacular hikes. Let me tell […]