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New Website Coming…And Another Novel

Welcome to the new year of 2014–I hope it brings you happiness and health…and lots of good reads. It’s going to be an exciting start for me, as I’m working on two new debuts, the first an entirely re-designed website. I can hardly wait to unveil the new look and improved functionality being developed by Waxcreative. Hopefully in just a few more weeks…

At the same time I’ll be bringing you the first novel to follow from Promise Me, Cowboy (which was Sage Carrigan’s story). Good Together is another Carrigan’s Of The Circle C Novel. If you want a sneak peek at what to expect, check out the images that have been inspiring me as I work on the final chapters, hoping to release the story around the same time as the new website.

Stay tuned…Carmichael_Carrigans_GoodTogether-209x300

A Frost Family Christmas Anthology

I’m happy to say that readers are really enjoying the Frost Family Christmas trilogy–so much so that Roxy Boroughs, Brenda M. Collins and I decided to create a boxed set of the stories (including a bonus story, my “The Gift” novella). This is perfect for gift-giving, so even if you’ve read the stories already, consider this for your friends and family members who like to read. It’s appropriate for all ages, from teen-aged girls to grandmothers. And at less than three dollars, it’s certainly a bargain!

Available now!
Available now!


Roxy, Brenda and I want to make the Frost Family Christmas a total experience for our readers–so please visit our Facebook Page where we countdown the days to Christmas, share insights on the members of the Frost Family, and exchange recipe, gift-giving and decorating ideas for the holidays. Also, we have some special gift giveaways happening here. Make sure you enter for your chance to win a Vermont Gift Basket and a specially crafted piece of jewelry.

We’ve also collected photographs that inspired our stories–come see if the characters look the way you imagined!

Wishing everyone a fun, warm and happy December!

C. J.

An Author Interview To Share

To mark the release this month of my novella, Promise Me, Cowboy, I was interviewed by the good people at Montana Born Books. If you’d like to know the answer to such questions as, what was the hardest scene to write in the book, and who would I cast for the hero and heroine in a screen version of the story, please check it out here.

If you’d just like to look at that pretty cover again (and I don’t blame you, it’s one of my favorites) well here it is:

PromiseMeCowboy_CJCarmichael_updated_mediumAlso, I just picked a random name from my Newsletter List (which I do from time to time) and I’ll be sending Ann an e-book of my Christmas Novella, What Child Is This. If you’re not already on this list, consider signing up as I routinely send out random prizes. All I need is your email address, and I promise I respect your privacy. The only time you’ll ever hear from me is if you’ve won something!

Coffee Creek Montana

With the launch this month of my fourth and final Coffee Creek Montana story I thought I’d share some of the research and planning that went into this series. My goal when I set out on this project was to create a ranching committee that would feel real. A place readers could imagine living in–from going to the local cafe for a cup of coffee, to attending a once-in-a-lifetime wedding at the local church.

There are several ways I made Coffee Creek come alive for me–and hopefully for you, too, as the readers. One was by drafting a map, which was turned into a thing of beauty by Rolf Stengl. Whether in fiction, or real life, I always find it helpful to be grounded by a map. I hope you do, too! Once again, I’d like to thank Rolf for creating this one for Coffee Creek!

Coffee Creek Montana


Another way I like to research and create visuals for my stories, is by collecting great photos on Pinterest. You’ll find one board for each story. I invite you to take a look and get in the mood for another visit with the Lamberts: Remember Me, Cowboy; Her Cowboy Dilemma; Promise From A Cowboy; Big Sky Christmas. Thanks for reading these books and for coming on the Coffee Creek Montana adventure with me!

Five Reasons to Sign Up for CJ’s Newsletter

New book launch, working on my income taxes, moving my newsletter to a site with improved security–whew it’s been a busy week! I’m sure you’ve been just as busy, but I hope you’ve found time to subscribe to my newsletter. Whether you’re a familiar face, or a new reader, I’d love to have you on the list. And here are five reasons why you might want to be there:

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  2. Contests! You’ll be reminded to enter–and you won’t want to miss my special Moving Day Contest this month.
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  4. If you tell a friend, you’ll be entered in my Moving Day Contest twice. Tell three friends and you’re entered three time. And so on…
  5. Our new server will be even better with an enhanced anti-spam policy.

Why do I have contests and newsletters and a Facebook Page and a Twitter Account? Because this is the way I reach my readers. And you are the people I write my stories for. So thank you for reading. And thanks for staying connected