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From Prague to Vienna to Home

Perhaps you’ve heard about the heavy rains and flooding in Central Europe this spring? Well I can attest to all of it, since Mike and I were there–and have just returned–from two weeks in the Czech Republic and Austria. It was a trip I’d dreamed about–the Backroads Biking Trip from Prague toVienna. Despite the crazy weather, we had a fabulous time. I wanted to share some of my favorite photos here, but if you’d like to see more, please check out my Facebook Page.

It all started in Prague…


This amazing city did not disappoint–especially not on this rare sunny afternoon. After taking this photo we walked down to the St. Charles Bridge–never dreaming that a few days later the flooding Vltava River would cause the bridge to be closed.



And then we started biking. Which was fabulous. Our first stop was in Tabor where we encountered more evidence of flooding as you see here on this footpath…



Undaunted, we continued on to one of the most charming towns I have ever seen: Cesky Krumlov

Prague to Vienna 003


After the first day of biking the rain finally let up…but the rivers were still rising. Here you can see the flooding of the mighty Danube. Although we encountered a lot of bad weather, especially at the beginning of our trip, for the most part it didn’t get us down. There was one afternoon, however, when I just couldn’t face the rain one more second. What do you do when real life is getting you down? Why, read a good book, of course! And so I retreated to my hotel room with a pot of tea and  this excellent novel.

Prague to Vienna 005     

Prague to Vienna 006


Our reward for enduring all that rain was waiting for us in Vienna, where enjoyed lots of heat and sun. But now that we’re home it’s time to turn my thoughts to springtime in Alberta…and to the next story waiting to be written…

Wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying the spring weather and reading a good book!

First Week of Spring

Hello Spring! Never mind that Calgary is still brown–no green grass, no flowers, no leaves on the trees. At least the air is getting warmer. And the days longer. I wish I had been able to spend more time outside, but this was one of those weeks where we seemed to be busy every night. We took in two new plays from ATP, a ballet, and a hockey game between the Calgary Flames and Colorado Avalanche. Tonight, finally we’re staying in to watch a movie.

I felt like I was hardly home, but even so I managed to write 70 pages on my second Twisted Cedars Mystery (which will be coming out this June). Plus, I’m gearing up for an exciting new contest to celebrate my next Coffee Creek Romance which is launching on April 2. Expect more news next week. Until then, wishing you the joy of spring and a Happy Easter!

I wish these were growing in my front yard!

The Lure of the Scavenger Hunt

When we have family reunions with my sisters and their young children, I love to set up a scavenger hunt for the kids. I send them on a merry chase all over the property–which this year happened to be at a couple of cabins at Good Spirit Lake in Saskatchewan. The clues were planted with diabolical care: one in grandpa’s pocket, another hidden in the trunk of a car, one tucked inside the microwave, the next buried in the sand by the playground… 

I think it’s fair to say that these scavenger hunts have become a favorite event of our reunions, and I’m not sure who has more fun–me or the kids.

I wanted to bring the same sense of adventure and fun to my readers when I set up my newest contest. I’ve scattered clues everywhere: on my Facebook Page, on my Twitter Feed, and also on the C.J. Carmichael and Banit Creek Books websites. I hope you have time for a little silly fun, gather the clues and enter my contest for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate from Amazon.

You’ll find all the details on my Contest page. Ready, set…go!

Welcome to Bandit Creek

A group from our local writing chapter, the Calgary Romance Writers of America, is launching a new series today.  The idea was to write and self-publish a series of connected stories. Some are contemporary, some historical. All genres are included, too, from mystery to romance to paranormal. The first story, Lost, by Viva Anna, Carla Roma, is available at Amazon right now!

Visit the website for more details about this innovative project. By the way, my book for the series will be available on December 15, 2011.

Back from RT Conference

Nobody promised me that Los Angeles was going to be warmer than Calgary, but I had my expectations. California versus Alberta? Should have been a slam dunk, right?

Unfortunately, L.A. greeted us with cold, wind and clouds. The bad weather, however, was offset by good times and interesting workshops.

I’m always intrigued by the opportunity to meet a bestselling author and hear him or her speak about their writing process. Dean Koontz was no exception. The man has a wonderful sense of humor and a true dedication to his craft. I had no choice but to power up my Kindle and order a book. I chose: The Husband and am finding it a fast-paced and high-stakes read.

 Over breakfast Superromance author Debra Salonen and I had a nice chance to chat and I was able to congratulate her on her RT Award for Best Superromance of 2010. Make sure you check out Deb’s wonderful hero Rufus in: Until He Met Rachel . And don’t you just love that title, too?

Deb Salonen and me at RT 2011

Now, back to sunny Alberta and my writing desk…


Good news is always fun to share. It seems Perfect Partners has been nominated by RT BookReviews for best Superromance of 2010! If you missed the Fox & Fisher trilogy, you might want to check it out.

And that’s not all! I have also been honored with a nomination for a career achievement award. Thanks so much RT! The convention and award ceremony are in L.A. this April. Hm…I just may have to attend this year.

Same Place, Same Time… Again?

A marriage counselor is drawn into a homicide investigation with her detective ex-husband when one of her clients turns up dead in a seedy motel room. Same Place, Same Time has lots of twists and turns, as well as one of the most emotionally powerful love stories I’ve ever written. And you can catch an excerpt right this very moment (isn’t instant gratification grand?).

Original cover from 1999. I plan to post the new cover as soon as it's available. I can't wait to see what the artists come up with!

And — drumroll, please — it’s back. Same Place, Same Time is being re-released this June as part of Harlequin’s “MEN IN UNIFORM” collection! So if you missed it the first time, mark your calendars, because here’s your second chance! But take note: “MEN IN UNIFORM” won’t be in stores and thus will require a little effort on your part to obtain. You can get it by shipment as part of June’s six-book collection (details will be at Or, the individual book may be ordered by calling Harlequin Distribution Center’s Customer Service Department at 800-873-8635.

Same Place, Same Time is a book I wrote 10 years ago, originally released by Harlequin Intrigue. Over the years many readers have told me it was one of their favorites, and it has always been one of mine, too. So when I heard the good news about this re-release from my editor Stacy Boyd, I was thrilled.

But how to make sure you all know how to get it? For up-to-the-minute news about this timely release, stay tuned to my website. I plan to make it very clear how to get this book into your hands. Subscribe to my newsletter or to this blog’s RSS feed. Thanks!