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  • Coming September 23, 2021

    Letters from Grace


    His daughter has found his old love letters…now Levi Shanahan’s life is about to change.

    Jessica Shanahan is off to college next year but she’s worried about leaving her widowed father behind in their small town of Boulder Falls, Vermont. Since Levi’s wife’s death ten years ago Levi has devoted himself to raising his daughter, caring for his elderly parents and running the local General Store. He never takes time for himself, let alone dating, though several eligible women are clearly interested.

    When Jessica finds a stash of old love letters from her father’s high school sweetheart, Grace Hamilton, she decides to do a little matchmaking. She and her best friend Max travel to New York City, Grace’s home base for her work as a travel photographer. On the pretext of interviewing Grace for a school project, Jessica convinces Grace to come to the Boulder Falls Foliage Arts Festival.

    Grace tells herself it would be fun to check out the old hometown and reconnect with old friends—but it’s really Levi Shanahan she’s interested in. Though her career’s been successful and fulfilling, she’s never met a man who touched her heart the way Levi once did. She’d like to know if the magic is still there. And if it is, can they find a way to make their love work this time?

    Publishers Weekly Review
    “Carmichael creates a robust cast that’s easy to imagine as neighbors and plots them into eminently believable situations… This adorable small-town romance will appeal to readers who enjoy their romance on the wholesome side.”

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