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Book Discussion for Melt My Heart, Cowboy

1. When we first meet the hero of the book, Brant Willington, at the chocolate shop, he’s buying a box of chocolates from the heroine, Rosie Linn. Did you have a theory about who those chocolates were for? Were you surprised when you found out they were for his sister?

2. How did you feel about Brant’s relationship with his sister at the beginning of the book? Did his lack of awareness of her feelings and abilities make you like him less? At what points in the story did your feelings toward Brant change—or did they?

3. How did you feel about Rosie keeping her screenwriting a secret from her friends and co-workers? Was it understandable, or do you think she should have been more truthful?

4. Rosie’s dog, Huck, is more than a prop in this story. In what ways is the old lab important to the plot and development of the characters…especially Brant’s sister?

5. How did you feel about Brant’s autistic sister Sara Maria? Did your opinion about her change during the course of the story?

6. What was the most emotional point of the story, and why?

7. An unresolved subplot in this book is the sudden appearance of Rosie’s boss’s niece Portia Bishop and her discovery that she is pregnant. What did you think of her friendship with Rosie? Do you have any particular hopes or expectations for Portia’s role moving forward in the series?

8. How does the title of the book reflect the main romance of this book? The setting? Are there other ways this title is appropriate for this story?

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