What’s happened to some of your backlist titles…I can’t find them!

If you’ve noticed that some of my earliest novels are no longer listed on my book page or available as e-books there’s a good reason. I’m currently working on updating the content and having new covers designed. Look for seven refreshed novels to be released in 2020-21. Make sure you’re on my First to Know newsletter to keep up-to-date on this process.

Is there romance in your mysteries?

While I’ve written over 45 romance novels, my first love as a reader and aspiring author (if you can call a twelve-year-old that!) was mystery. I devoured the Trixie Belden series as a kid, then went on to enjoy Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys and pretty much everything Agatha Christie wrote. Nowadays, my favorite mystery authors run to the like of Liane Moriarty, Kate Atkinson and Laura Lippman.

What appeals to me most as a reader, is what I’m trying to do now as a writer. I’m not into on-scene violence, gory details, or clinical forensics. It’s the people—characters—who fascinate me (including a little romance). Their motivations and secrets, their past and hopes for the future. I also love the psychology of small towns, the idea that everyone knows one another’s business—or at least they think they do!