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Dear friends and readers,

Here come the holidays and soon, a brand new year. As I look back on 2021, it’s nice to remember that for all the world strife, good things happened, too. In my family we welcomed a new little granddaughter—Madeleine Kay was born on January 2 and she has brought us so much joy.

On the professional side, I published two books this year and I’m so grateful to all who took the time to read and in some cases also review these stories. I’m hoping to bring you a new, bigger read in 2022. Stay tuned for more about that in the new year.

And now for some Christmas Movie recommendations (and a story from my past):

Before I was published I went to a writers conference in Victoria where I met two women I instantly clicked with: Jane Porter (at that time living in Seattle) and Barb Dunlop (who then and now lives in the Yukon). Little did we know back then how tight and long lasting our friendships would become. All three of us were published by Harlequin soon after the conference. We’ve gone on to publish many more books, with several different publishers, and this December all three of us reached a new milestone: we’ve all had Christmas movies made from one of our books.

My movie, A Bramble House Christmas, came out in 2017. This year saw the premiere of Jane’s A Christmas Miracle For Daisy and Barbara’s Jingle Bell Princess. I watched both this past Sunday and loved them! Check your TV listings and see if they are available where you live. They are both perfect for filling you with the joy of the season.

A Bramble House Christmas the Movie→

A Christmas Miracle for Daisy the Movie→

His Jingle Bell Princess the Movie→


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Happy reading my friends, stay safe this holiday season and I wish you only good things for 2022.


CJ Carmichael