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Greetings from our Montana cottage, dear friends and readers!

It’s midsummer and covid is still with us, while Western Canada and the United States are suffering from heat waves, drought and forest fires. It feels like a lot, at times. But mostly these troubles make me cherish, more than ever, times with family and friends, and simple pleasure like going for a hike or out on the kayak, enjoying fresh fruit crisp and other summer treats, and reading good books.

In my last newsletter I asked you to share your stories about love letters with me, and boy did you send me some wonderful ones! I was able to contact Linda, from Kansas City, who gave me permission to share hers:

My husband gives me cards on our anniversary, and I kept all 50 of them.  Looking through them he must have really liked some of them because I got more than one of the same card.  They are all signed the same way – All My Love Always!   But when Dad passed away at the age of 93, we found two letters he wrote to my mother, one the day I turned 1 year old.  They were written while he was at work on his lunch break, at Procter and Gamble, and written on bar soap paper! They were stored at the bottom of an old empty cedar chest – forgotten.  My mother had passed away 33 years before my father, and I am so glad I happened upon these two beautiful letters he wrote expressing his love for both her and me. – Linda

Several readers shared stories about love letters they exchanged with men serving overseas, one told me about saving all her love letters from her husband until he cheated on her—at which point she tossed the man and the letters! Thanks to all of you who shared your stories. I’m looking forward to sharing my fictional love letters with all of you on September 27 with the publication of my next romantic novel, Letters From Grace. The e-book version can be pre-ordered now. I can’t wait to hear your reviews and comments about the story. I hope it brings a ray of happiness into your lives.

Take care and happy reading,

CJ Carmichael