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Back from RT Conference

Nobody promised me that Los Angeles was going to be warmer than Calgary, but I had my expectations. California versus Alberta? Should have been a slam dunk, right?

Unfortunately, L.A. greeted us with cold, wind and clouds. The bad weather, however, was offset by good times and interesting workshops.

I’m always intrigued by the opportunity to meet a bestselling author and hear him or her speak about their writing process. Dean Koontz was no exception. The man has a wonderful sense of humor and a true dedication to his craft. I had no choice but to power up my Kindle and order a book. I chose: The Husband and am finding it a fast-paced and high-stakes read.

 Over breakfast Superromance author Debra Salonen and I had a nice chance to chat and I was able to congratulate her on her RT Award for Best Superromance of 2010. Make sure you check out Deb’s wonderful hero Rufus in: Until He Met Rachel . And don’t you just love that title, too?

Deb Salonen and me at RT 2011

Now, back to sunny Alberta and my writing desk…