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Tag: joint contest

Why a Joint Contest With Barbara Dunlop?

This month I’m running a joint contest with my good friend, Desire author, Barbara Dunlop.Why, you may ask? Let me give you three good reasons:

1. We both have trilogies out this winter, trilogies that we’re very excited about! Check out my contest page, and you’ll see we are giving away a pile of books, gift certificates and goodies to celebrate.

2. Barb and I go way back.  We met at a writers’ conference in Victoria more than ten years ago. We were both unpublished then, but full of hope.  Together we have celebrated the whirlwind of first sales, the joy of getting that first multi-book contract, the confusion of dealing with new editors and a changing marketplace. 

When you work as a writer, you spend your days physically alone, but thanks to the Internet, I know that getting a shot of Barb’s common sense and wise cracking humor is only an e-mail away.

3. I want my readers to discover a new favorite romance author. If you enjoy sparkling dialogue, a good laugh and a great story, I know you will love Barb’s books as much as I do.

So, that’s the story behind the joint contest. I hope you take a few minutes out of your day to read our excerpts, answer the contest questions, and enter for your chance to win!