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A Frost Family Christmas Anthology

I’m happy to say that readers are really enjoying the Frost Family Christmas trilogy–so much so that Roxy Boroughs, Brenda M. Collins and I decided to create a boxed set of the stories (including a bonus story, my “The Gift” novella). This is perfect for gift-giving, so even if you’ve read the stories already, consider this for your friends and family members who like to read. It’s appropriate for all ages, from teen-aged girls to grandmothers. And at less than three dollars, it’s certainly a bargain!

Available now!
Available now!


Roxy, Brenda and I want to make the Frost Family Christmas a total experience for our readers–so please visit our Facebook Page where we countdown the days to Christmas, share insights on the members of the Frost Family, and exchange recipe, gift-giving and decorating ideas for the holidays. Also, we have some special gift giveaways happening here. Make sure you enter for your chance to win a Vermont Gift Basket and a specially crafted piece of jewelry.

We’ve also collected photographs that inspired our stories–come see if the characters look the way you imagined!

Wishing everyone a fun, warm and happy December!

C. J.

Summer and New Projects

Just finished a one week writers retreat with authors Roxy Buroughs and Brenda Collins. Must say, even ten hour days don’t seem like work when I’m at the cottage at Flathead lake. We’ll be posting more information about this project soon. Stay tuned for details…

Bird's view of Flathead Lake
Bird’s view of Flathead Lake






In the photo below, Roxy and Brenda are taking a minute to read my latest Coffee Creek book on the deck. Yes, we did take some time off to relax now and then…including dinner at the lovely town of Big Fork one night.


June and July 2013 081



But mostly we ate in, one evening trying the lemon and fresh herbed chicken and the fruit cobbler from Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cook book, It’s All Good. Both recipes were delicious!


So how is your summer going so far? Been someplace beautiful? Tried a new delicious recipe? Read an amazing book? If so, please share!