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Tag: Same Place

Same Place, Same Time… Again?

A marriage counselor is drawn into a homicide investigation with her detective ex-husband when one of her clients turns up dead in a seedy motel room. Same Place, Same Time has lots of twists and turns, as well as one of the most emotionally powerful love stories I’ve ever written. And you can catch an excerpt right this very moment (isn’t instant gratification grand?).

Original cover from 1999. I plan to post the new cover as soon as it's available. I can't wait to see what the artists come up with!

And — drumroll, please — it’s back. Same Place, Same Time is being re-released this June as part of Harlequin’s “MEN IN UNIFORM” collection! So if you missed it the first time, mark your calendars, because here’s your second chance! But take note: “MEN IN UNIFORM” won’t be in stores and thus will require a little effort on your part to obtain. You can get it by shipment as part of June’s six-book collection (details will be at themedcollections.com). Or, the individual book may be ordered by calling Harlequin Distribution Center’s Customer Service Department at 800-873-8635.

Same Place, Same Time is a book I wrote 10 years ago, originally released by Harlequin Intrigue. Over the years many readers have told me it was one of their favorites, and it has always been one of mine, too. So when I heard the good news about this re-release from my editor Stacy Boyd, I was thrilled.

But how to make sure you all know how to get it? For up-to-the-minute news about this timely release, stay tuned to my website. I plan to make it very clear how to get this book into your hands. Subscribe to my newsletter or to this blog’s RSS feed. Thanks!