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Million Dollar Dad

Can you imagine a widower’s surprise when he discovers, a year after his beloved wife’s death, that she was the daughter of a multi-millionaire and now he is in line for a million dollar legacy?

A few years ago I wrote a novella with this premise. It was a prequel–something like a teaser–to introduce my Gray Brother’s trilogy. The novella was available as a free read on eharlequin…but now it’s in print, packaged as a bonus read along with Sarah Mayberry’s The Best Laid Plans and Nancy Robards Thompson’s Accidental Heiress. Check it out at Mills and Boon.

It’s fun to think this story I wrote several years ago is finding new readers today. A great way to start the New Year! I hope your New Year is off to a good start too. Thanks for dropping by…and don’t forget to enter my contest this month!

Cheers from CJ