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Return to Summer Islands Forget-Me-Not Character Guide

The Forget-Me-Not Friends:

Simone DeRosier: Renowned jazz singer and pianist, she coined the phrase “forget-me-not friends” in one of her hit songs. She was Harrison’s wife until her apparent suicide before the story opens.

Harrison Kincaid: Hero of Book 1, during his childhood, Harrison came from a weathly family who spent holidays on Summer Island. Entralled by Simone, he finally married her and was devastated by her apparent suicide.

Aidan Wythe: Raised by his mother in Seattle, Aidan has been Harrison’s best friend for as long as he can remember. Aidan is the hero of Book 2. Emerson Cotley—a local on Summer Island, he took over the family landscaping business after his parents were killed in a car accident.

Jennifer March: Heroine of Book 3, her family owns the Lavender Farm Bed and Breakfast on Summer Island. She and Simone were best friends.

Gabe Brooke: Gabe owns a real estate business on Summer Island, as well as the local newspaper. He married Harrison’s sister, but also had a suspicious relationship with Simone.

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