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Dear Readers,

It’s time to clear up some space in my closets and give away some books! This contest is exclusive to my newsletter subscribers, in other words, you!

To enter all you need to do is email me at with your mailing address and the title of the book* (see below) you’d like to receive.

I will send books to the first 10 who respond and to a random selection of 10 others who respond within 3 days of this newsletter.

If you post a picture of yourself on social media holding one of my books (tag me), you’ll be entered for another giveaway—a grab bag of 5 books. (For readers who live outside Canada and the US, I will send you the e-book of your choice.)

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Perhaps you’ve noticed it’s been a long time since my last newsletter? Well, this winter I slipped on some ice and broke my radius. Two weeks in a cast, then surgery, then another five weeks in a cast and now I’m in the rehab phase. Sigh. It’s been a process.

I do want to celebrate the release of Flirting With Fifty written by my very dear friend Jane Porter. Jane and I have been friends since our pre-published days and I’m very excited about this book…first in a trilogy. Jane always dives deep and delivers, so consider ordering and/or adding this book to your Goodreads shelves.

Flirting with Fifty by Jane Porter

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* Here is the list of books eligible for my giveaway:

Bitter End
Bitter Roots
Bitter Truth
Christmas With Daddy
Close To Her Heart
The Dad Next Door
Good Together
Her Cowboy’s Dilemma
Leaving Enchantment
Let It Snow
Letters From Grace
Love and The Single Mom
Love Me, Cowboy
Matthew’s Children
Promise Me, Cowboy 
Secrets Between Them
Star-Crossed Parents


As for my next book, I’m hoping to have some news soon (ish). Stay posted!

CJ Carmichael