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Chocolate Shop

The gossips of Marietta, Montana contend that the chocolatier at their local Copper Mountain Chocolates must know the recipe for love...because that’s what her delicious products taste like. And it’s true, romance seems to bloom around the quaint local shop and its owner, Sage Carrigan, especially after her niece, Portia Bishop, inexplicably quits college and comes to Sage for a job.

Join Sage and Portia and their friends for a year of love in this twelve book series.

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Bitter Root

Welcome to Lost Trail, Montana where the bitter roots of hatred and jealousy are planted deep. Zak Waller is just the dispatcher at the local Sheriff's Office, but he's more effective than the Sheriff in unraveling secrets and solving crimes in this three-book series.

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Twisted Cedars

CJ Carmichael's Twisted Cedars, Oregon

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A romantic mystery series set in the coastal town of Twisted Cedars.

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Carrigans of the Circle C

Hawksley Carrigan, owner of the Circle C Ranch always wanted a son to carry on the family name—but, instead, he got four beautiful, spirited daughters. After his wife’s untimely death, he withdrew into his pain leaving the girls to raise themselves. And they did. Join Sage, Mattie, Dani and Callan as they deal with change, loss, new life, secrets--and love in this series of heartfelt novels.

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Frost Family Christmas

Sweet romances and cozy mysteries. That's what you get with the Frost Family.

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Copper Mountain Rodeo

Jane Porter, Lilian Darcy and
Megan Crane visit CJ in Montana.

It’s the first week of October and everyone in Marietta is bustling with preparations for the 75th annual Copper Mountain Rodeo. It’s the biggest event of the year, drawing local favorites and big names from the rodeo circuit. Decked out in their best rodeo finery, riders and spectators brace for the excitement – in and out of the ring.

Four of your favorite authors bring four sexy stories. There may be a chill in the air, but there’s autumn heat in Montana with the Copper Mountain Rodeo Series!

Find out more on the Montana Born Books website.

  • Tempt Me, Cowboy
  • Take Me, Cowboy
  • Marry Me, Cowboy
  • Love Me Cowboy
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Coffee Creek, Montana

CJ Carmichael's Coffee Creek, Montana

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Welcome to Coffee Creek, Montana, where the Lamberts—a family of ranchers and cowboys—own the largest spread in Bitterroot County, all controlled by matriarch Olive Lambert.

Coffee Creek is a blend of reality and fiction. I took a real town name—Coffee Creek, Montana—nudged it a little in the southwesterly direction, made it the head of fictional Bitterroot County and decked it out with interesting establishments like the Cinnamon Stick Café and the Lonesome Spur Saloon. There’s a two-story brick Courthouse in the center of town, next to the post office and library.

If you’d like to see the pictures that inspired the setting and stories, you can visit my Pinterest Board.

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Harts of the Rodeo

A six-book miniseries about a family determined to rebuild their ranch and their lives, with love, hard work, and the help of a legendary stallion...

  • Aidan: Loyal Cowboy
  • Duke: Deputy Cowboy
  • Austin: Second Chance Cowboy
  • Beau: Cowboy Protector
  • Tomas: Cowboy Homecoming
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Three Good Men

Welcome to a new trilogy about three brothers who have been very unlucky in love. The eldest, defense attorney Matthew Gray, is a self-professed workaholic, whose marriage is unraveling before his eyes. Meanwhile, commitment phobic Nick, the youngest of the Gray brothers, switches girlfriends about as often as his shifts with the Hartford Police Department. Which leaves us with the middle brother, Gavin Gray. Gavin has always been the peacemaker in the family...which might explain why all the women in his life have been so needy.

Whatever the problems or complications they encounter in life...These brothers put their families first.

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Fox & Fisher Detective Agency

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Shannon Sisters

The Shannon sisters have always counted on each other, especially since, like their mother, they seem to be unlucky in love. But three men are set to change all that, with three proposals as unique as the sisters who inspire them.

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CJ Carmichael's Chatsworth

Chatsworth—a tiny rural town in the middle of the Saskatchewan prairies—is the setting of three of my loosely connected stories.

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Return to Summer Island

They all adored her...but one of them wanted her dead...

For five friends, summers on a British Columbian Island revolved around the beautiful Simone DeRosier. A talented singer, Simone was destined for stardom. Years later when she made it big, she immortalized her friends in a hit song just before her unexpected death.

Years later, the friends are back, because the past refuses to stay buried. And it's time the truth was told.

Explore a Forget-Me-Not Friends character guide.

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Birth Place

Nothing is more rewarding than bringing a new life into the world. Share the joy with the dedicated staff of THE BIRTH PLACE and the women who choose to have their babies here.

  • Enchanting Baby
  • Sanctuary
  • Christmas at Shadow Creek
  • The Homecoming Baby
  • The Midwife and The Lawman
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Singles... With Kids

Is it really possible to find true love when you're single... with kids?

  • The Sister Switch
  • All-American Father
  • The Best-Kept Secret
  • Blame It On The Dog
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